Implants are an alternative and permanent solution to bridges. Known for versatility in material and arrangement, implants provide the right solution to a variety of cases.



Hybrid cases are a cross between a regular denture and a fixed bridge, also known as fixed-detachable dentures. Hybrids work great in cases where there is a lot of bone loss and/or extracted teeth. When replacing missing teeth, a typical porcelain bridge can leave the teeth elongated, appearing unnatural. Fixed implant dentures replace teeth and tissue, making hybrid cases a great permanent solution to missing teeth.


 Custom Milled Zirconia

zir abut

Custom milled zirconia implants are known for their precision, using CAD/CAM technology. Zirconia abutments allows for the most aesthetic way to fabricate the crown, due to a natural-looking stump. Using zirconia in custom milled zirconia implants results in unmatched strength, allowing for piece of mind.


Custom Cast UCLA Abutments

Custom cast UCLA abutments offer unmatched strength and versitility in design. Using the lost wax technique in designing the abutment enables the technician limitless custom modifications, thus catering to all situations for many patients.


Custom Milled Titanium

Boise cosmetic dentistry Boise cosmetic dentistry Boise cosmetic dentistry

Custom milled titanium offers precision using CAD/CAM technology, the custom design before milling process allows for greater support, and ideal margin placement, for more control over emergence profile. Titanium has proven to be strong, and cost effective, allowing for versatility with patients.


Screw Retained

Screw retained implants provide strength and are retrievable. The screw allows for no cement cleanup, resulting in better tissue response. Having a retrievable implant allows the patient and doctor to remove and clean periodically.

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